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“Who is this guy?”
—  Mike Keneally

“He's a monster.”
—  Ted Templeman

“Who is this guy?”
—  Bob Daspit

“Extraordinary and unpredictable....”
—  Nicole Daspit

Mike Sugar's solo CD (Again With The Microphone - 2011) sounds like a road-tested rock band captured in a modern recording studio by a producer bent on layered restraint. If you dig deeper you will find that Sugar penned the songs, played and sang all the parts and handled all aspects of the recording production at his Sugar Music Studio.
This is perhaps a logical step in the career of a road-dog, touring musician and composer turned studio hound.
Sugar has been bassist, guitarist, drummer, vocalist, keyboardist and digital effects provider/programmer for a wide variety of artists on stage and in the studio. He has recorded and produced genres from vocal jazz to screaming punk, Brazilian percussion to blues, hard rock to strumming singer/songwriters, ambient groove to aggressive electronica.
The Stevie Wonder style DIY approach on the recent CD is well-balanced by countless sideman gigs and sessions, collaborations and of course, all out jamming.

“...Mike Sugar is a veteran of the road and psychedelic scene. His band Jambay cut a swath through the outposts of America before landing beside author Ken Kesey. Opening the show and providing the soundtrack to Kesey’s musical play “Twister,” Jambay’s legendary status was set. Since then, Sugar has accompanied all the Bay Area mega-hitters—Bob Weir, Melvin Seals, Steve Kimock, Mark Karan.... ”
—  DNA, Good Times - Santa Cruz

Born in New Orleans, an obsessive curiosity for music and instruments led Sugar to study basses, guitars, classical music, jazz, modern composition and music technology.
Sugar co-founded the band Jambay and hit the road. They played venues all over the states, giving rise to numerous bootleg tapes still circulating today. Jambay released albums, composed for film, and were the subject of a documentary DVD chronicling their tireless output. They also toured as Ken Kesey's house band/opening act for his stage play "Twister".

Between gigs and sessions Sugar continues producing and composing for his own recording and performing projects including Sugar & MSG, Sugar-in-the-Raw and The Soda Pop Addicts. Currently Sugar is excited to be recording and honored to be performing with some of his favorite musicians and always looking forward to more music with more folks on into the future.