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These past few years I worked as a multi-instrumental sideman, producer, composer, engineer, and technical manager.
I've learned so very much and am so grateful for the opportunities.

I have not booked a show booked a show in my own name since before the pandemic.
Finishing a collection of new sounds for release has taken a lot of my time and attention.
The wide variety of sideman work on and off stage has kept the lights on
but I greatly look forward to trying new material, improvising,
and reviving tunes of mine and others onstage in the near future.
All the while I have been writing, improvising, and recording.

I am so very excited to share some new sounds.

Fatiguing Hearitant and Vexalted Scarlings Provoked
has been released for digital distribution.
Fatiguing Hearitant and Vexalted Scarlings Provoked

Available on most popular streaming and download services including
Tidal, Spotify, YouTube, Apple, Amazon, Deezer, Napster, Adaptr, iHeart, even Peloton and more.

I want to extend the highest magnitude of gratitude
to Shelly Doty and Mark Abbott for their spirit, patience, talent, generosity,
and contributions to the latest collection release.

Shelley had the essential elements for the track "That's How"
and jammed them with me one day at my old studio.
She allowed me to push the arrangement and production into hearitating vexation.

Mark encouraged the completion of the track "Bozo Knowz".
He named the song which inspired the lyrics
and then played and recorded an amazing drum track in support.


More Mike Sugar solo albums available
at many online and streaming outlets:

"Grand Gestures Of This Malcontent Melodica"
Grand Gestures Of This Malcontent Melodica

"Realizing That Stage of the Evening"
Realizing That Stage of the Evening

"Again With The Microphone"
Again With The Microphone


I am so honored that the Energy Transition Show podcast asked me to compose and produce their music theme.
Now playing and available wherever you get your podcasts.